The Dark Sea War Chronicles – Book 2 – Mission in the Dark

Here it is, Book 2 of my scifi series, The Dark Sea War Chronicles – Mission in the Dark, is finally available at Amazon. I hope you like it! (click on the image to follow link)


In a distant solar system, a war breaks between the Webbur Union, its ally the Kingdom of Torrance, and their rival, the Axx Republic. Byllard Iddo is a young man who accidentally killed his father in a martial arts training session. He left to join the Space Navy.

As the Dark Sea War intensifies, Iddo takes command of the modified sloop-of-war Arrabat in a dangerous covert mission to cripple the operations of the illusive Silent Boats. Surviving or not, Byl and his elite crew are determined to change the face of the war.

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